Our Policy

As we Net Power Generator, our vision is focused on meeting the needs and exectations of customers in a changing world. Providing special solutions to users and companies in accordance with various power system's requirement in the entire world and making a contribution to keep life diversity are one of our main visions.

Our mission… to provide quality, performance, delivery and support services needed to meet the expectations, improve system design, to produce products and provide services to users.
Our method… to create a co-operation which forms harmony and synergy between our employees, business partners and customers.
Our purpose... to get Netpower brand become a leader in the market in the field of power production and solutions.

What the most important things that Netpower has are its customers, brand, innovative spirit and future vision to reach further.
Today, our success is getting more day by day with our determination to meet different and various demands in the globalising world thanks to relevant integrity of team spirit and personel wish, experience and innovations.